“ Whether this was fitted or not, a week later the irritating noise was less obvious but still noticeable to an extent that would have made a Lada salesman blush. “

“ Occasionally it rains in the United Kingdom. Imagine my surprise when one day I opened the passenger door and found ½ centimetre (US conversion: nearly 1/4 inch) of water on the floor sill. The same water level could be found in the off-side rear compartment and further back into the load area. This amazing discovery was followed by another invigorating  week for the ML320 at County Motors of Cheltenham. Just as well I have two reliable cars by different manufacturers at my disposal. “

“ By this time, and I trust you will not be offended by the thought, I had decided to sell the car. Three expensive adverts in the Sunday Times resulted in only one luke-warm enquiry and no sale, though, out of the blue a local person showed some interest in the pile of junk. Desperate to make a sale, I washed the car and even brushed out the immaculate interior. That was when I found a piece of plastic on the driver’s floor. I picked it up and viewed it in amazement: it was the most crudely crafted piece of plastic I have ever come across – an accelerator pedal. It brought tears to my eyes to realise what they had done to "Der gute Stern auf allen Strassen". Even found the plastic (yes, plastic!!) coupling to fix the pedal to the metal – now here is a reason for recall if you ever needed one! How about a bit of off-roading in Sloane Square (London, U.K.) with the pedal falling off? “

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