Range Rover 4.0 Automatic registered December 1999
UK supplied, approx. 28500 miles, regular service, MOT to July 2004, superb condition, GBP 14,250-00    SOLD

Merc ML320.    (1998-S) Photographer's  4x4 dream.  
GBP 29,500-00   sorry (not really)  SOLD
Why did I sell such a beautiful car ? I traded it for a Range Rover! Read my reasons in my letter to Mercedes Benz (UK). 
They won't mind me sharing my thoughts on Mercedes quality with you. Read my letter at
di@log .
...and don't just take my word for it, show some style, read FORTUNE MAGAZINE !

Fausto COPPI racing machine. 22 inch frame and bright banana yellow. As new, no more than 25 miles of road use. Reason for sale: Cheltenham's appalling roads! Speed-bumps, potholes, glass, burnt-out cars, shopping-trolleys, discarded washing machines, chewing gum and puke everywhere. 4 punctures in one day and I gave up. Bugger global warming, it's another Range Rover for me. Nice one Tony! Bosnia is proud of you!
Cost  £ 500.00 new, private sale 

Pentax 6x7 SMC 500mm lens (5.6) supplied in original leather case,
one of the best Pentax lenses produced and in mint condition.
GBP 699.00 SOLD

Parkgate   the first address in Cheltenham.  

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